Rehabilitation and medical training therapy

The medical training therapy MTT is an active form of therapy in which knowledge from the training and kinesiology and physiology / pathology are interconnected.
In a rehabilitation Also the MTT is mostly supportive integrated to insufficient (insufficient) or single overall to improve body functions in health processes.
Depending on the pathology is Stabilisation, strength, coordination or cardiovascular training with or without equipment in the foreground. Damaged structures should again be fully resilient and disturbed functions are restored (in everyday life, work and sport).
Here emphasis is placed on the patient quickly assumes personal responsibility and after a few instructions is also able to carry out his exercise program largely autonomously.
The exercise program must be individually tailored to the patient with respect to medical diagnoses, current phase of rehabilitation, physical conditions and the age and current performance. Prerequisite for the use and success of medical training therapy is the appropriate medical indication and control of the process in cooperation betw. Doctor and therapist.
MHM has this cooperating therapists and trainers who implement with our doctors to selected qualified training sites required health goals.