Public health counselling

GesundheitsberatungAll round health support

  • Is the operation really necessary?
  • Do you really need this medical treatment?
  • Have you really checked through all the alternatives?

An operation or medical treatment can bring changes in daily habits and can of course involve certain risks or problems. Sometimes some impartial advice can help with making a decision –  developing and comparing various treatment possibilities.

GesundheitsberatungSOS Mallorca

Here we have the opportunity to fall back on the expertise of established competent partners and can put through a direct contact when needed. We can offer you competent support whether in giving second opinions , reports or with operational procedures. The decision is always yours!

If an orthopedic/surgical/internistic operation is unavoidable, we can give you support before and after the procedure.

Whether by appointment scheduling between medical departments/doctors or the organisation of laboratory tests/evaluations or contacting the hospital or with postoperative treatment – we don`t leave you on your own!

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Counselling – Second opinions – Medical reports

The neighbour gives his advice…it states in a magazine… the grandchild read in Internet… everyone knows something but in the end you are not any clearer! Your Doctor doesn´t have enough time or can´t give you all the information you need.

GesundheitsberatungWe will stand by you as neutral advisors with a high medical profile to help you find light at the end of the tunnel and help you to make your decision.We will show you how to collect and sort the results you have up to date , to make it easier with procedures in the future and also if you require an assessment or medical report we can help you.

We also have co-operating partners with experience in administration who can give advice about pension and insurance claims.