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Medimpuls With the international recognized Prof. Dr. Stephan Becker and his team from Vienna you with a true competence size especially in Spine Surgery aside
lebensfeuer-logo Autonom Health – Lebensfeuer ® The Fire of Life ® is internal map and guide at the same time the presentation of your lifestyle and your health as a result of a 24-hour ECG measurement based on the heart rate variability (HRV or heart rate variability). This functional performance and recovery diagnostics is new and totally unique in their presentation.
regenaging RegenAging An innovative patented system for simple, safe and effective preparation of highly concentrated PRP -Plantelet riched plasma or platelet rich plasma (including platelet-rich plasma).
praxis-fuer-zelltherapie-logo Pratice community for celltherapyholistic counseling and treatment range of interdisciplinary expert groups with doctors and scientists that deals with the role of the immune system in cancer and chronic infectious diseases for years
Cooperating physiotherapist
Kai-Michael Hunnius –
physiotherapy Lutz Bleek & Partner –
H.Fürnsinn physiotherapist practice –
quiron-logo Hospital Quiron Palmaplanas Most advanced Privatclinic Mallorcas
dr-scheib-logo Clinica Dr. Scheib Psychosomatic Institut and practice in Palma
foodbed-logo Footbed Company Institute in the center of Palma with Orthopedic Gear / run analyzes, as well as producing an individually optimized orthopedic shoe inserts
Hospital de San Joan Déu