Development of concepts for workplace health promotion tailored to the needs of the business.


Health promotion includes measures and activities which strengthen  health resources and help people achieve their potential. It describes the process of how people are capable of getting over their own hurdles to strengthen their health. Thereby it won´t just focus on the behaviour of the individual with his knowledge and skills, but also social , economic and environmental  conditions.

Health is then defined in a holistic way as physical, mental and social well-being that is influenced by individual ,social and company background. According to the Bangkok Charta of the Who magazine from 2005 – the way to a higher quality of life prints the appropriate statement – Health is less a state or objective but rather a resource of everyday life.

GesundheitsfoerderungWorkplace Health Promotion

Medical Health helps you not only with optimising your place of work but

also in developing your personal competence and physical abilities, live a better life and master upcoming challenges. This includes for example the ability to communicate and make decisions, solve problems or cope with stress. Building on this – health supportive behaviour can be learned easily. To achieve an individual change of behaviour which can also be implemented in daily life  – your participation and  determination are absolutely necessary.

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Healthy Employees = Healthy Company

  • You are an inovative company that also understands that employee motivation isn`t just to do with salary negotiations?
  • You want to reward the excellent performance of your employees, but at the same time the general capabilities of your workforce and individual motivation is of special concern to you.
  • Do you want to encourage and strengthen your leadership level?

GesundheitsfoerderungWe compile  a completely personal ‘ Healthy and Fit ‘package for either individuals or teams-  but with emphasis on good health long-term.

Whether medical health checks with individual evaluation , subsequent planning and implementation for individuals or group activities (autogenic training, back training course,health training ,pilates, stress-burnout prevention, meditation, communication and time management) our team has this many possibilities to create the best choice for you.

“Health isn’t everything – but without health everything is nothing.” A. Schopenhauer