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The staff medical health coaching pMHC understood holistically and in addition to the medical and health advice includes an intensive introductory talk by formulated personal goals are recognized and implemented. With a required training course medical status survey and corresponding Risk Considerations personal and especially realistic and long-term health target is detected. With a self-developed goal in mind one can see more clearly, which can be pointed out and trodden other ways.

Since May 2014, we offer the functional performance and recovery diagnostics the Lebensfeuer®Messung by Autonomous Health to. This measurement is new and unique in their presentation and internal map and guide at the same time the presentation of your lifestyle and your health as a result of a 24-hour ECG measurement based on the heart rate variability (HRV or heart rate variability).
With us you will find the optimal path to better health, energy and vitality.

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We create their own personal health and training concept and assist you in your time management.

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Comprehensive monitoring & supervision in PMHChealth concept

When it comes to wage a healthy lifestyle” is not just a matter of “move and eat rightto. Health is true to a certain “status quobound, but the psycho-emotional level and the social environment have a significant share of it. Too often, different areas of the individuality of the client by the coach / trainer will (correctly) identified and / or does not respect. Although there is usually a highCoach competence in an area, but the boundaries of care are limited by lack of medical academic approach and their long-term realistic implementation.

GesundheitscoachingPersonal Medical Health Coaching -PMHC– understood holistically and understand the people within its socio-cultural environment. From a medical basis starting the other necessary steps are taken that are always goal oriented individual and gives you motivation to exercise, pleasure in physicality and simply new fun in life. They learn again to know your body and also your “spirit” is used in the analysis of the physical process can evolve and motivation on topics such as nutrition, “work-life balance” and medical prevention will increase.

Holistic health management can be sustainable only realized when you go into the hands of experts. The Personal Coach / trainer should always work with the competence of his expert knowledge and thereby know his own limitations and possibilities. Therefore, more highly skilled experts are integrated from different areas in your personal health / fitness concept when needed.

PMHC accompanies you on your way and you can not even started with a “fitness plan” alone.
Work out with us your individual care model! In team their time and content, as well as financial environment is developed so that you can achieve your goal in the long term and successful