Medical Health Mallorca collaborates with selected qualified partners from different sectors.
We employ both their personal contact and continuous care to our connection is always on the quality and / or the specific nature and characteristics of our partners to be tried very hard to secure.
In this ongoing and active process of quality requirements and efficiency of course we also maintain subdue us.
We want to work only with top-notch partners, or recommend for you at the “Health and Mallorca”.
Only on this claim, it is really possible for you optimum and customized offers in the region to create medicine and health in Mallorca.

YOU want to work with MHM !? You believe with your service offering both content and quality, to complement our partner team !?


We look forward to inspiration and engaged new partners in our network.


Medical Competence-Partner
– TOP skills, cooperative partnership and joint projects in the areas of Health / Medicine
– Direct reliable cooperation, exchange of experiences / support and recommendations
– Premium evidence of highly potent organizations / persons / locations in many areas
– MHM “Locations” of which took place / future events
– Interesting SIDES from different fields of medicine / health / sport / life