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PowerStrips™ relieve pain often within minutes and without side effects. In most cases, you will immediately feel more energy for the body and mind, and improved concentration.

relieve pain within minutes, without side effects
– reduces your stress level
– purify and detoxify your body
– rid their bodies of harmful substances
– optimizes your fat burning

FG XPress PowerStrips

The power strip is approved in the United States by the FDA as a medical device class I in pain therapy.
The power strip is for 48 hours, simply cut to a point or two halves and glued on two points on the body.

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Up to date / practical and always incorporating the best combination of traditional and alternative medicine.Whether you need products for specific therapeutic measures or as part of your activity programme, health and sport medical material / products as well as orthopedic aids or also special food supplements.By the choice of the right product for you, we can draw on in-depth knowledge and the many years of experience from our co-operation partners.

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Orthopedic supplies

  • Bandages
  • Splints / Braces etc.
  • Corsets
  • Compressions products
  • other orthopedic aids :Medi: Lumbamed; Epicomed, Epibrace, Manumed, Stabimed, Genumedi, Levamedi, Thrombexin; CEP DJO: Reaction Knee Brace Aircast Heel, Aircast Dorsal Night Splint, Aircast Go.

Medical aids

  • crutches
  • cervical collars
  • motor splints

medical therapy equipment

  • Bemer: electro magnetic stimulation therapy / Micro circulation improvement for general and specific regeneration therapy.
  • Repuls: therapeutic `cold pulsing red light`for pain and regeneration therapy.
  • Mobile electro therapy equipment: TENS /EMS Device

medical materials

  • Medical Sports Material : Tape Kinesiotape – MSM – /cooling system -physicool
  • Special Types of Bandage (waterproof plaster-casts/algae bandages etc.)
  • Op Equipment and Medical Practice Requirements
Health articles /sports medicine articles
  • Sissel / Novocare products
  • Doctor Products
  • Proprioceptive Training Equipment (vibrating poles /training boards etc)

Medical remedies

Medical Health puts its emphasis on the uniqueness of each person´s needs,wishes and naturally thecorresponding therapy products.

We want to create an individual package with you on the theme of  ‘Your Health.`

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