FG XPress PowerStrips

FG XPress PowerStrips

Your benefit
The Power Strips relieve pain often within minutes and without side effects. In most cases, you will immediately feel more energy for the body and mind, and improved concentration.apply_power_strips-231x300

Relieve pain and discomfort without side effects
Reduce your stress level
Purify and detoxify your body
Free her body from harmful substances
Optimize your fat burning

They are balanced and enjoy a more restful sleep.
For external use only. Not intended for infants and babies.

The power strip is approved in the United States by the FDA as a medical device class I in pain.
The power strip is for 48 hours, simply cut to a point or two halves and glued on two points on the body.
Our body’s cells resist the patch through the skin exactly the nutrients it needs at the moment. As a result, you have more energy throughout the day, at night sleeping deeper and healthier, detoxifies the body steadily, stimulates cell renewal, relieves pain, and achieved a better ability to concentrate.

™ The ingredients of the Power Strips
The Power Strips ™ have an inner layer containing ingredients that are absorbed by the body and an outer layer that is not with the body comes into contact (hybrid patch technique).

The following ingredients are in the inner layer:

– Red Korean Ginseng
The inner layer comprises a mixture of fermented Red Korean ginseng, which contains 32 kinds of saponins, which are known as therapeutic active ingredients of medicinal plants. For thousands of years, ginseng is used by Asian cultures as a true panacea. The earliest uses of red korean ginseng can be traced from Korea, where it was used as a tonic for more energy and stamina. In recent decades it has been widely studied by western medical science and it was found that Red Korean Ginseng has impressive healthy benefits for humans. These include pain relief and improved immune function, anti-diabetic effects, improved liver function, improved blood pressure, anti-fatigue and anti-stress effect, improved sexual function and anti-aging effects.

– Marine phytoplankton
Marine phytoplankton is according to scientific studies, probably the most important food of the earth and it contains almost all the nutrients in bioavailable form. The contents list starts with all the essential amino acids that the body can not produce itself. Next to all vitamins and minerals are included which deprives the body as needed the PowerStrip ™. These include, for example, Vitamin C, H, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, E, selenium, zinc, chromium, magnesium, calcium, nickel, glutathione, iron and many other important for our body mineral and vitamin complexes. An oversupply, as often happens with Vitaminen- and mineral tablets is therefore almost impossible.

– Silver
For the antibacterial and disinfecting effect against viruses, bacteria and fungi, makes a small amount of colloidal silver and silver ions. Silver has an accelerating effect on the stem cells in the body formation, wherein red blood cells are transformed into stem cells which tissue regeneration within a short time. Silver can very quickly without side effects many different pathogens such as microbes, fungi and viruses kill and be used as a natural antibiotic.
The outer layer of the Power Strips ™ reflects the waves emitted by the body heat back into the body. This body’s infrared energy increases the tissue temperature and leads to better blood circulation and supply the cells with oxygen and nutrients. Through the power strips ™, we can use this energy 24 hours a day.

Buy XPress Power Strips
Where can I buy the power strip?
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You want to try the FG Xpress Power Strips ™?
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About the so-called “Quick Order”, you can easily and quickly order pavement.

Here you can register at the company FG XPress and then have the opportunity to purchase pavement at cheaper prices.
One-time registration fee 12 $ (which get replaced by 3/6 extra patches when buying a single or double pack)
Depending on the order quantity of plaster price varies approximately between € 2.70, and € 4.50.
Take advantage of the Autoship Function: Automatically receive each month and can then be sent to your paving future benefit themselves from it when you introduce friends / acquaintances / interested.

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Important notes:
There are worldwide in every country the same prices in US $.
When ordering you need a credit card.
Delivery time is about 7-14 days. Goods coming from Riga (Latvia).
If you have questions you can always contact us directly.

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Do something good for your own health and recommend other people to do the same, then the rest will come with ease.
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