Fire of Life

Get an “image” of your health!

Since May 2014 Medical Health Mallorca MHM- offers the Lebensfeuer® measurement of INDEPENDENT HEALTH on the island of Mallorca.

Fire of Life ® measurements are simple and amazingly meaningful:

With minimal effort, they give hair an accurate and objective information on the physical and psychological well-being, health, lifestyle and performance.
The basis here is the exact analysis of heart rate variability on the day:
Our heart is ticking like a clock is not uniform, but is subject to slight changes in rhythmic, controlled breathing, emotions and external influences.

The heartbeat immediately reacts to everything we see and feel. The Lebensfeuer® measurement of Autonomous Health offer the highest standard of care in the diagnosis of heart rate variability and provide answers to many questions about health and lifestyle:

  • How healthy am I?
  • How old am I really?
  • What stresses me?
  • Do I eat right?
  • Do I sleep well?
  • What happens to me if …?

Heike Siekiersky, Your Life Fire Professional on-site, in close cooperation with doctors and health experts Marco Seita from Palma Clinic by the measurements and analysis.



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