The waterproofed plaster

Swimming, bathing, showers despite plaster !

The desire of the patient in the course of a treatment always the most optimal possibilities to get is understandable. Never fits the injury, it bruises, fracture and but also after a postoperative care so really a resting in the “plan”. Just now and why I ?! … you always hear again. The most important medical indication for resting in combination with improved everyday suitability has now been successfully developed. The previous restorations with conventional plaster were mostly very difficult, absolutely waterless, and thus the daily life as well as the holiday benefit of the patients but considerably restricted. The solution for an unrestricted use, even in everyday life, despite the use of gypsum dressing, is a special cushioning material under a modern ultralight synthetic support band.

The material is waterproof, breathable and washable, allowing the patient to shower, bathe or even swim, despite a so-called stable cast dressing. Even the necessary rehabilitation measures can now be carried out successfully without problems thanks to this special technique. By means of this innovative three-dimensional construction made of water-resistant fibers developed in medical technology, a required stability with wear comfort could be achieved. The open fabric structure allows the water to drain from the casting belt, while the residual moisture evaporates with the aid of the body’s heat. Most dressings dry within approx. 90 min.

An adhesive coating facilitates the installation and prevents slipping of the bandage during the dressing. The risk of skin macerations, pressure points as well as smell and skin jumps is reduced by the special under-cushioning. With sufficient experience in plastering and learning the new materials for the experienced orthopaedist absolutely no problem. In Bendinat at MediSport-Mallorca, the orthopedic / traumatologist and experienced sports physician Dr. Marco SEITA (0034-661939395) – has made very good experiences and uses this new technique as a matter of course, along with other specialist associations such as Kinesiotape / Sporttape / Special Ointment Associations regularly as part of its conservative treatment concepts.



Date: 14.06.2016 18:00
Place: Institute Medical Health Mallorca
Plaza Mirador de Bendinat/ Local 4D
More Information: oder Tel. 0034 – 605296373



Mehr als eine Trend Sportart mit viel Potential und Gefahr rennradsmall

Das Fahrrad ist das sich am meisten „entwickelte Verkehrsmittel“ Deutschlands und hat den PKW als Hauptverkehrsmittel den Rang abgelaufen. Allein in Deutschland gibt es etwa geschätzte 80 Millionen Fahrräder. In den letzten Jahren kamen mehr als vier Millionen neue Räder für rund fünf Milliarden Euro jährlich hinzu. Radfahren ist bekannter Weise gesund und liegt daher voll im Gesundheitstrend. „Radeln“ ist einfach eine Wohltat für den Körper.


PRP treatment Skin & Hair

PRP-gelenkPRP Behandlung Haut & Haare

Die natürliche Schönheit steckt in Ihnen.

Ob Draculatherapie, Plasmatherapie, Vampirlift, Plasmalift, PRP oder PRGF®, gemeint ist immer das natürliche Behandlungsverfahren mit speziell aufbereiteten körpereigenem Eigenblut (Plasmagewinnung) zur Gewebsregeneration, zur Revitalisierung der Haut, zur Hautverjüngung und zum Knochenaufbau.


Symposium & Workshop GOLF & MEDICINE on Majorca

Preview Sportmedicine Symposium & Workshop

Golf & Medicine
on Majorca 11. Nov . – 13. Nov. 2016

Medical Health Mallorca -MHM- organizes again a sports medicine training
about “Golf & Medicine” on the beatiful sport -/ vacation island of Majorca


Therapy of the cervical spine

New trends in minimally invasien surgical therapy of the cervical spine

Neck pain with or without headache, shoulder and arm pain are common disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Fortunately, the most common cause of these symptoms is a muscle tension, which is reversible by simple measures. In chronic pain, herniated discs and bony narrowing of the nerve but further proceedings are necessary.


Basiscourse Taping

Basiskurs: Taping
– funktionell klassisches & kinesiologisches Tapen


Physio & Co

Physio & Co – a meeting for physios & med qualified service providers.

Events 2015: 15.04./ 10.06./ 12.08./ 14.10. & 09.12. i. d. R. 20:00-21:30 Uhr
Where?: Location changes – depending on the Topics and Key Points
Participants: Physical Therapists & qualified medical providers
Contents: Austausch, Kooperation, Fort- und Weiterbildung, Inspiration & mehr
Signup:, 0034 – 694400590
Places: Not only is there the possibility, but it is also our desire that introduced by the parties own issues, even informed and / or placed training needs – Please always with prior arrangement with MHM (

Prior registration is requested via e-mail!

Un saludo y hasta pronto Heike
MHM – Coordinating education and training


Intensive treatment ARTHRITIS

Die Gesundheitsexperten von MHM = Medical Health Mallorca mit Ihren Kooperationspartnern auf Mallorca bieten anarthrose


Im Rahmen dieser komplexen Therapiekonzeptes mit Ziel der Knorpel-Zellregenation werden folgende Verfahren angeboten.

Anstatt hierfür den regulären Behandlungspreis von fast 2600,-€ zu zahlen, kommt ein mehr als >35% Rabatt zum tragen und diese einmalige konservative INTENSIV Arthrose Therapie ist mit seinen nur KOMPLETTPREIS von 1620,-€ ist wahrlich ein einmalig gutes Angebot im Rahmen einer konservativen Behandlung der Arthrose!

Sie sparen 1000,- und investieren gut in Ihre Gesundheit.




Organisation: Medical Health Mallorca – Registrierung wichtig bis zum 24.11.!

Dozent: Prof. Dr. med. Stephan Becker – Medimpuls Vienna