Therapy of the cervical spine

New trends in minimally invasien surgical therapy of the cervical spine

Neck pain with or without headache, shoulder and arm pain are common disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Fortunately, the most common cause of these symptoms is a muscle tension, which is reversible by simple measures. In chronic pain, herniated discs and bony narrowing of the nerve but further proceedings are necessary.

In principle, the conservative therapy should be considered for all musculoskeletal problems first, so even with discomfort in the cervical spine. When neck pain and headaches with Pull on the shoulder or in the arms / hands without paralysis are here novel conservative therapy in addition to conventional methods (Physiotherapy & back pain, chiropractic and manual therapy, physical therapy, special Injections infiltration and acupuncture / Kinesioatpe and many other options !) available. In principle, first several weeks of therapy with conventional conservative and take the more modern methods. However, these methods are not as successful if bony narrowing of nerves exist. Principle in our treatment centers is also an outpatient surgical procedure or perform a maximum of one night. This maxim still allows to achieve adequate treatment of a herniated disc in the cervical spine or bony narrowing. In unilateral complaints the corresponding nerve root by arthritis / degeneration of intervertebral joints can be narrowed bony invasible cervical vertebra.invasiblehalswirbel

Previously, patients were treated with the above-described problems still rely mostly on complex invasive procedures (open decompression of the nerve, stiffening of the cervical spine, lumbar disc prostheses). When using minimally invasive outpatient therapy DTrax enable method is a gentle decompression and stabilization of the affected segment from behind, successfully introduced at the same time minimizing the risks and recovery time after surgery for the first time. The affected nerve is by inserting a titanium – relieves implant into the intervertebral joint. The implant expands the nerve entry hole and additionally prevents hypermobility in this segment. With only about 1 – 1.5 cm long incision through the respective joints and careful treatment of the muscles that most patients can be discharged the same day. A special further treatment is not necessary, since only a minimal surgical trauma is set. This therapy is relatively new and has been used for more than a year in Europe, Asia, and since 2012 also in the USA. In this procedure, no complications with success rates of 90% in terms of pain reduction have been very promising. The gentle surgical technique all anatomical structures are preserved, so that in the future conventional surgical techniques continue to be used. The procedure described here with minimally invasive decompression of nerve root in the neck and shoulder – arm – pain is another important modern outpatient treatment option in a step treatment of musculoskeletal problems. This procedure requires, of course, and then successfully to choose the time and indication of the procedure a precise knowledge of the quality of a therapeutic spine phased plan. With the WS team of specialists in the Palma Clinic ( is now available in Mallorca this modern surgical option. halswirbel halswirbel2


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